The Nonprofit Investment

For 2016, SocialGeorgia has committed to helping 3 nonprofits for 12 Months improve their sustainability. Learn a little more about these great organization.

Why we coach and help fund nonprofit projects?

Nonprofits are the heartbeat of the community and they require the support of the people it serves and services.  SocialGeorgia believes that nonprofit organizations are businesses with a cause and like any business; they need assistance evolving with the ever-changing landscape of business.  In order to support the efforts of these local organizations doing good, SocialGeorgia has designed and implemented a beta testing 12 Month Sustainability Program to improve nonprofits ROI for their donors and maximize their resources to better service their clients.  We understand it’s not enough to just do good, our nonprofit partners must make progressive strides toward their vision and show the results of their effort.  In addition, recognizing that nonprofits are also a part of the community, the program also ensures participating organizations invest their time and money into other community-based efforts that are making our world a better place to live.  Every cause is worthy to be supported, not just the one we serve.


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