The Story

“The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come” – Anonymous

In July 2015, our founders had this unconventional idea of getting multiple nonprofits to work together on a joint fundraising event. Since nonprofits represent more than 13% of the state’s employment, account for a quarter to half a million jobs, and contributes $10 – $20 billion dollars into Georgia’s local economy through personal income, they felt obliged to ensure that these organizations were able to sustain the overall community.

Initially, SocialGeorgia started out as a way to raise money for local nonprofits; however, it quickly reshaped into something far greater: a social movement. As SocialGeorgia’s devoted team went out into the community to engage with local nonprofits, a discovery was made. It was more than just money and resources missing. It was the practice of kindness and the understanding of sustainability.

As a way to fulfill this need, SocialGeorgia developed a #12DaysofKindness campaign, in which the team reached out to the Atlanta community by performing acts of kindness. Through this campaign, SocialGeorgia witnessed an enormous transformation thanks to the one key ingredient they added that had been missing from the community pot: togetherness.

During the campaign, the SocialGeorgia team heard countless stories from struggling nonprofits that began their organizations when a problem came tugging at their heartstrings. Whether the problem was rooted in their own personal experiences or the experiences of others, they knew something had to be done.  Each nonprofit intended to make a difference, but sadly their dream was deferred.  Unable to communicate their results and improve their capabilities,  the community members they served became restless. Out of frustration,  members of the community attempted to solve these issues on their own. Although their intentions were admirable, they were also unsuccessful.

After hearing similar stories from various nonprofits, our team quickly realized how efforts were being duplicated, resources were being wasted, and members of the community were suffering silently from feeling forgotten. Even though it’s well known that two heads are better than one, many people we interacted with were working separately and losing sight of a universal truth: “Together We Build”.

We believe our community needs a safe space to reconnect, repair, and restore togetherness with like-minded people.  As a way to meet the needs of the community it proudly serves, SocialGeorgia has revamped its mission, vision, and structure to eradicate this issue of division.


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